Copenhagen Street Eats

Copenhagen Sandwich

  Copenhagen excels at many things – it’s one of the greenest cities out there, arguably the most bike-friendly, and it has impeccable taste in art and design. It’s also made quite a name for itself as a gastronomic capital, not least because of its enviable seaside locale and plentitude of fresh, innovative talent. Perhaps most known is the multi-starred Nobu, which has been recognized as ... Read Full Article

Foodie Break: Street Food in Berlin

When I’m out and about in a different country, I make it a point to eat lots of street food. This is one of the best ways to put my finger on the foodie pulse of a city, to begin to discover the building blocks of a country’s culinary culture.  Berlin is home to some of the best and least expensive street food in all of Europe. A truly international city, hungry sightseers like me are never at a ... Read Full Article