Losing it in a Luxurious Slovenian Spa

Indian lotus blooms

This year, I spent three weeks at a  Slovenia Spa. Every day, I was confronted with difficult decisions. Should the oil for my massage be grape seed (antioxidant effect), almond (softens the skin), or herb-infused oil (detox benefits)? Did I prefer classic, Hawaiian, Tibetan, Indian, or Thai style? What was my preference for duration: the choice ranged from 20 minutes to 90. Making these decisions ... Read Full Article

Warm Yourself in the Thermal Baths of Budapest

Gellert Bath Palace in Budapest

If you leave Budapest without soaking in a Hungarian thermal bath, you have cheated yourself of a memorable experience. Last visit, I found myself floating naked in a body-temperature pool under a 500-year old Ottoman dome pierced by jewel-colored glass “eyes”. The Rudas (ROO-das) bath experience left me as relaxed as I’ve ever been in my life, I have to say. Thermal Baths of Budapest The ... Read Full Article

Taking the Waters in Baden-Baden, Germany

Further along “Culture Row” we take a quick walk through the 19th century Kurhaus. The austere white exterior of the Kurhaus—with eight towering Corinthian pillars—belies what lies inside.

The immaculate little town of Baden-Baden, tucked away in the foothills of S.W. Germany’s Black Forest, is a luxurious cross between Monte Carlo, Paris, a spa, and an English park. Within a few minutes’ walk in Baden-Baden you can see the world’s most beautifully appointed casino, stroll through a verdant green park that is a dead ringer for an English Victorian garden, and sip an espresso ... Read Full Article

Wiesbaden, Germany: the Spa City


They say that Weisbaden, Germany is built over seven extinct volcanoes. Because of this, the city is famous for its thermal springs and spas. The earliest of these dates back to Roman times. Through the ages, spa bathing became so popular that by the 1800’s there were 23 bath houses in Wiesbaden. Famous visitors came there to bathe including Goethe, Dostoevsky, Wagner and Brahms. During my ... Read Full Article

Eco Travels in Lanzarote, Canary Islands

a yurt in Lanzarote

The history and beauty of the Canary Islands is easily missed if you're hopping over for the party, sun, sea and sand. But, just booking yourself on an island tour will begin to give you a flavor of just how fascinating the diverse history  and landscape of the Canary Islands really are. We spent five days at the end of our Spain trip exploring these fascinating islands and found that eco tourism ... Read Full Article

A Perfect Late-Night Walk Through Rome

Trevi Fountain

  The immortal city of Rome is never more stunning than at night when all of its incredible buildings, fountains, and piazzas are artfully lit. My girlfriend Kristin and I have explored several walks throughout the city at night, but we keep coming back to one in particular, which takes us past many of Rome’s most impressive sites. If you have a good map and are willing to go on an ... Read Full Article

Galway – The Stunning Jewel of Ireland’s West Coast


While Dublin pulled well over it’s weight in nightlife craic (an Irish term for fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation), I’d been told by more than one Irishman along my brief stint in the capital city, that equal, perhaps even more glory might be found a bus ride away in Galway. Galway is located on the precipice of the stunning western peninsula. The western coastline of Ireland is ... Read Full Article

A Tapas Tour of Northern Spain


  Tapas. Pinxtos. Or less formally, little bites of Spanish goodness. There are plenty of reasons to go to Spain; tapas just happen to be the tastiest. In northern Spain, typical tapas styles and the dishes that represent them can vary widely, as can the protocol for ordering and eating them in different regions. Here’s a primer on enjoying these small bites in three northern ... Read Full Article

Cala Figuera – Mallorca’s Sleeping Beauty


Cala Figuera, a tranquil and picturesque fishing village situated in a bay surrounded by cliffs, is one of the most scenic spots on the island of Mallorca and a world away from the tourist crowds. The setting is postcard picturesque with houses hanging off the cliffs above whitewashed boat houses with green colored doors. In the harbor below, sail boats peacefully rest on crystal clear turquoise ... Read Full Article

Jump Into France’s Soothing Waters


Thalasso Therapy, a tradition that comes to us all the way from Ancient Greece, (thalasso is Greek for sea) is gaining increased popularity around the world.  From a strictly therapeutic method, it has evolved into a pleasurable experience.  In France, in particular, it is becoming the ‘in’ thing to do.  Women are flocking to centers offering seawater treatments on their own, or with friends or ... Read Full Article