Asti’s Palio: Horseracing, Italian Style

The Asti Palio is not just another horse race. In Asti , an ancient, mid-sized town in northwestern Italy, the annual Palio is laden with tradition, pageantry, exuberance, gloom and joy. And it’s great fun. As in Siena, where a better-known Palio is held, people prepare all year for the big event. Medieval costumes are purchased or made, banners designed. Flag-flyers practice for performances ... Read Full Article

Siena, Italy: Tuscany’s Medieval Treasure

  Fleas are responsible for the charm that draws admiring visitors to Siena. That’s because the damage they caused back in 1348 left the city crippled, unable to change, and stuck in the Middle Ages. The dreaded Black Death, brought by flea-carrying rats, struck Europe’s crowded cities and decimated entire populations. Half the people of Siena died. Unlike Florence and Milan, the city ... Read Full Article

Our Recommended Tuscany Restaurants

There is no lack of restaurants in Tuscany and the cuisine is known for its use of fresh ingredients and fragrant olive oil. The following are our tried and true recommendations for good eating in Tuscany. Siena La Taverna di San Giuseppe The Taverna of San Giuseppe is an authentic Tuscany restaurant whose location dates back to 1100! It is situated in the heart of the historic ... Read Full Article