Erice, Sicily: a Leap Back in Time

The mountaintop town of Erice, on the west coast of Sicily, looks medieval, but it’s much older than that. Waves of conquerors left their mark long before the Normans got there in 1167, built their fortresses and changed the name from Eryx to Monte San Giuliano. That name stuck until 1934, when it was changed to Erice. The town stands 750 meters above the sea, and I got there by driving a ... Read Full Article

The Skinny on Taormina, Sicily

  The first time I visited Taormina was somewhat by accident. If you enter Sicily by ferry from Reggio di Calabria, the final city on the toe of the boot, and decide to go south on Sicily’s eastern shore—toward cities like Catania or Syracuse—Taormina is one of the first towns you’ll encounter. Strapped for time, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go in Sicily. But when I saw the striking ... Read Full Article