Lake Baikal, Siberia – Russia’s Galapagos

Listvyanka nestled in boreal forest

  All who leave Moscow on the Trans-Siberian Railway stop at Irkutsk, the closest city from which to visit Siberia’s jewel, Lake Baikal. This world renowned lake is located just before the dividing point where travelers by rail choose one of three routes to complete their epic journey. Alas, my husband Rick and I do not have time on this trip to visit the area via the Trans-Siberian ... Read Full Article

Riding the Trans-Siberian Railway: Where to Stop in Western Siberia

Top of Krasnoyarsk Pillars in Siberia

  Between Moscow and Lake Baikal lie over 3,000 miles of track. The Trans-Siberian railroad winds through lowland plains and mountain ranges, chugging away from Russia’s urban centers and slowly out into the unknown. Or at least, that’s how it feels to a traveler, as the suburban brick and concrete fades into a pastiche of birch and meadow. This is Russia’s economic heartland and ... Read Full Article