Eating the Adriatic – From Split and Sibenik with Love and Wine

Sibenik Waterfront

It’s easy to see remnants from when Italy controlled Croatia's Dalmatian Coast especially in Split and Sibenik. Both the Roman and the Venetian empires ruled along here. The food and architecture are 100% Mediterranean. The city of Split is located in the middle of Croatia’s huge coastline. It was built out of the ruins of a Roman palace... the retirement home of Emperor Diocletian. The walls from ... Read Full Article

Idle Time in the Šibenik Riviera, Croatia

The Šibenik Riviera

If Dubrovnik and the Dalmatian islands are Croatia’s debutantes, then the Šibenik Riviera is an elegant elder cousin.  With a bit more reserve and a bit less bling, the region still shows its Croatian genes: sunshine and ocean, seafood and an enduring local culture. The shore is lined with quiet towns where vacationing Croatian families swim and cook, escaping the inland heat for a few weeks each ... Read Full Article