Top Tips for The Hague, Netherlands

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Let’s start by clearing out the confusion. Amsterdam is the official capital of the Netherlands, but The Hague (Den Haag or ‘s-Gravenage in Dutch) is the seat of the country’s government, located in a castle complex called the Binnenhof . It is one of the few countries where the capital and the government seat are not co-located.  The Hague often hides in the shadow of its more cosmopolitan ... Read Full Article

Exploring the Dutch Coast


The Netherlands is a coastal nation, with the entire western side of the country boardering the sea. Dutch beaches are characterized by massive sand dunes and broad sandy beaches which, in the right conditions, can be a delight. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that the weather in the Netherlands is always grey – which isn’t necessarily true. Sunny or not, any one of these beach areas will ... Read Full Article