Sardinia for the Rest of Us

Typical landscape of the Maddalena archipelago

Among the first things you hear when you arrive in Sardinia is a local exclaiming: “Look at our beaches. Look at our water. More beautiful than the Caribbean!” Usually the claim is made by someone who has never set foot on a Caribbean island so its validity is questionable, but you can understand why the assertion was made. The waters surrounding the second largest island in the ... Read Full Article

Sardinia: Italy’s Hidden Gem


  The island of Sardinia lies off the west coast of Italy and is second in size to Sicily. It’s an often overlooked destination, but the island of Sardinia lures savvy travelers with its unspoiled beaches, varied terrain, abundant wildlife, rich cuisine and charming small towns. What to Do and See in Sardinia Nature is one of Sardinia’s biggest draws. The rugged coastline is home ... Read Full Article

Discover France’s Stunning Auvergne


The Auvergne is a region located in the heart of France – approximately 3 hours south of Paris and 3 hours from the south coast. The region is comprised of four departments – the Allier in the north, the Puy de Dôme in the centre, the Haute-Loire to the east and the Cantal in the south. It is an area of plains, deep cut river gorges, crater lakes, plateaux, exceptional flora and fauna…and ... Read Full Article