Taste the Greatest Food in Europe in San Sebastian, Spain

Joyful jump in San Sebastian

  You’ll have to just trust me on this one, but there’s no better cure for a broken heart than a good piece of beef cheek. When I left Ibiza last week, I was convinced that the rest of my holiday was doomed. How could I ever feel for another place the way I did for the White Isle? That had to be the peak; I figured I might as well cut my losses and go home. But then: a memory came ... Read Full Article

“Basque”ing in the Culture of Saint-Jean-de-Luz and San Sébastian

  Saint-Jean-de-Luz in the Southwest corner of France and San Sebastian just across the border in Spain are both located in the area known as Basque country.  Strikingly similar in layout and architecture, these cities offer some of the best Basque beaches, sights and food. Getting to the Basque Region It is possible, though quite spendy, to fly into the Biarritz, France airport ... Read Full Article

A Tapas Tour of Northern Spain

  Tapas. Pinxtos. Or less formally, little bites of Spanish goodness. There are plenty of reasons to go to Spain; tapas just happen to be the tastiest. In northern Spain, typical tapas styles and the dishes that represent them can vary widely, as can the protocol for ordering and eating them in different regions. Here’s a primer on enjoying these small bites in three northern ... Read Full Article

Spain’s Best Culinary Experiences

Spain is a culinary wonderland as diverse in tastes as it is in landscape and culture. From the hot, dry south of the Andalusia region to the hilly northern Basque country, Spain offers delicious delights at every turn. Here are some of the top tastes to try when visiting Spain. Rioja Wine Spain’s famous wine region is a can’t miss destination for any wine lover.  There are over 500 wineries ... Read Full Article

San Sebastian – Sun, Sea and Superb Cuisine

Arzak Staff

  San Sebastian doesn’t seem to get as much attention as the glamorous resort towns on Spain’s Costa de Sol. But this seaside city, with its mix of modern style and old-world atmosphere, offers cosmopolitan shopping and entertainment, Basque culture, and some of Spain’s best dining, just steps from beautiful sandy beaches. Where to Eat in San Sebastian One of the main reasons to ... Read Full Article

Cider Houses Rule in Basque Spain

  While Spain’s Rioja region is famous for its red wine and the Andalusian area of the south is known for its sherry production, the Basque region around San Sebastián has a specialty drink of its own – a tart, vinegary alcoholic cider. The cider, referred to as “natural” - it is still rather than carbonated - is made from several varieties of apples and has an alcohol content of about ... Read Full Article