The 5 Greatest Cathedrals in France

  It is difficult to choose the 5 greatest cathedrals in France, but those listed here seem to me to be the most impressive. Whatever your views, there’s no denying the significance of cathedrals in France. To believers, a cathedral is a sacred, holy place of worship. Others may see a treasure house of fabulous art, a symbol of oppression and ostentatious wealth, or simply another historic ... Read Full Article

Hotels for Every Budget in Rouen, France

  Rouen, the capital of Normandy in Northern France, is classified as a ‘City of Art and History’, with more than 200 protected sites. For example, the abbey Church of Saint-Ouen is one of the most beautiful gothic monuments in all of France. Then there is Notre Dame Cathedral which was constructed over several centuries and houses monuments to the Dukes of Normandy and the tombs of the ... Read Full Article

Gorgeous Giverny: Frolicking in Monet’s Garden

For my 12th birthday, my parents gave me the book, Linnea in Monet’s Garden. I immediately fell in love with the tale of this young heroine exploring the seemingly magical flora of the famous French impressionist.  For years, I dreamed of going to Monet’s Garden, just like Linnea, and my passion for the arts continued to blossom. When I (finally) got to Paris at the age of 19, one of my top ... Read Full Article