Targu Secuiesc: Transylvania’s Ancient Trading Center

You don’t have to read a book to learn what an important trading center Targu Secuiesc, Romania once was. You can just read the architecture of this town of 20,000 people (largely of Hungarian ancestry) located in eastern Transylvania. All around the central square, you can see weird open gateways that carve into the buildings and open onto narrow, pedestrian-only lanes. These are the town’s ... Read Full Article

Romania Tourist Information

Romania is one of the largest and most interesting countries in Eastern Europe. It is blessed with stunning scenery ranging from the forested mountains of Transylvania, through the rolling hills of Moldavia, to the extensive Black Sea coast. It also has many interesting historic cities, as well as colorful villages where age-old traditions are still alive. Several ancient monasteries, castles and ... Read Full Article

Saint Anna, Mohos, and Transylvania’s Explosive Past

In the eastern part of Transylvania, a region of Romania, are two unusual geographical features that are results of the volcanic nature of this area’s geology. While one of them - Saint Anna Lake -is slowly changing, the other - Mohos Lake- is an example of what it is going to turn into. Lake Saint Anna (Lacul Sfanta Ana) is a blue-green colored, very calm and beautiful lake formed in an ... Read Full Article

Where to Eat in Cluj, Romania

Cluj, in central Romania, is among the best-served cities in the country when it comes to dining and drinking. The city even has its own dish, Varza a la Cluj, which contains cabbage leaves and minced meat in alternating layers reminiscent of lasagna. What follows is a list of a few personal favorite places to imbibe and ingest in Cluj, Romania, starting with five that are right on the main ... Read Full Article

Gherla: Romania’s Baroque Town with a Modern Twist

Gherla, Romania is a town with 24,000 inhabitants and a character all of its own. Its downtown is little changed since it was first laid out in the 18th century by a community of Armenians who settled here in Transylvania after fleeing invading Tatars. Though a settlement has been here since the 13th century, the immigrants decided to create a new town center on land that had not previously had ... Read Full Article