A Drive Through Provence to See Roman Ruins

  Highlights of a trip to Provence will usually include visits to wineries and ancient hilltop villages, as well as leisurely lunches – but there is another interesting side to this region of France. During a road trip through beautiful Provence, I learned that you don’t have to go to Rome to see some of the best-preserved Roman ruins. In fact, many of the most intact, ancient Roman ruins ... Read Full Article

Nimes, France: a Roman Masterpiece

Years ago, as we were getting lost on our way to Arles, my husband and I ended up in Nimes.    We did not see Arles – at least not on that trip.  Our journey through Provence stopped right in Nimes, which felt immediately like home.   We did not leave until we found a place, our place, where we now spend half the year.   Many of our friends and relatives are somewhat dumbfounded that we chose ... Read Full Article

Arles: a Must-See in Provence

When in Provence, be sure to spend at least a day or two in Arles and save a day for the Camargue. This small city, half the population of what it was in Roman times, is just teeming with Roman ruins and culture and the Camargue is a natural wonderland. Any visit to Arles should start with the Arènes (Roman Amphitheatre). It has one of the most well preserved Roman amphitheaters (1st ... Read Full Article