Visit Ancient Marksburg Castle in Braubach, Germany

Along the Rhine River at Sunset

  In his novel, Hyperion, which follows the adventures of an American traveler in Germany, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow states, “beneath me flows the Rhine and, like the stream of time, it flows amid the ruins of the past.” There is a section of the Rhine River that flows through the wine-growing region of Germany in the Valley of the Loreley that Longfellow must have had in mind when he ... Read Full Article

Koblenz, Germany: Medieval Churches, Fortresses and Fairy-tale Castles

View from German Corner

As the train whizzes along the Rhine River from Mainz to Koblenz, I can’t help but feel as if I’m journeying into an idyllic fairy-tale land.  The train passes romantic little towns with a medieval feel, and idyllic villages perched on the steep hillsides tiered with vineyards and orchards. Atop the hills I spot the first of many picture-book castles. Adding to the magic, as the train winds ... Read Full Article

Mainz, Germany: A Carnival City with Roman Roots


  I was fortunate to visit a friend who lives in Mainz so he acted as my tour guide as we explored this architecturally rich and scenic city; from the Baroque Gautor Gate built in 1670 that was once part of the city walls, to the Copper Mountain Terrace, an upscale residential area where people grow their own grapes to make sparkling wine. And, of course, there is the modern shopping ... Read Full Article

Read-Up on Germany’s Gutenberg Museum


New computer technology including the current rage for e-books, has brought about a new Printing Revolution, and  it seems that traditional printing presses will soon be extinct. When I was an aspiring young journalist fresh out of high school working in a  newspaper editorial department, one of my tasks was to run errands to the composing room.  I was in awe of the type-setters who sat behind ... Read Full Article

Koblenz, Germany: Where the Rhine and Mosel Rivers Meet


Koblenz, Germany is perfectly situated to be the beginning or the end to a cruise on the Rhine River. You can easily spend three days or more checking out the great fortresses and castles in the area, the churches that defined the city for many a century, and the dozens of Weinstuben that serve the local Riesling up slightly chilled along with hearty local dishes. The city was founded more than ... Read Full Article