Where (and What) To Eat in Athens

Greek food can be bizarrely good; and following is a guide to some of the best restaurants in Athens, Greece. The flavors of Greek food have been shaped over thousands of years, and the history of Greek food includes Middle Eastern as well as Italian influences. Common cooking ingredients include feta cheese, olive oil, yogurt, olives, fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, and lamb. From breakfast ... Read Full Article

Where to Eat When in Krakow, Poland

Krakow Wawel

Choosing a restaurant in Krakow can be a challenge. Poland, the land of pierogis, borscht, and oscypek, serves up traditional foods that are as delicious as they are difficult to pronounce. This article will get you past the quasi-hieroglyphic names so that you can eat at some of the best restaurants in Krakow while savoring the unique flavors of Polish cuisine. Krakow is well known for ... Read Full Article

Amsterdam Budget Restaurant Guide

  The Dutch certainly do not have a reputation for fine cuisine; in Amsterdam, the emphasis is more on drinks than food. However, this is somewhat of a misconception. History plays a large part in the array of food offerings available in the city today, as the country’s rich trading history has brought a number of international cuisines to the capital city. Good, inexpensive restaurants ... Read Full Article

Tasty Munich Cuisine and Restaurant Recommendations

Cuisine of Southern Germany The cuisine of southern Germany capitalizes on abundant natural resources and temperate climates to produce incomparable gastronomic delights. The distinctive cuisine of the south, especially the Black Forest, is renowned throughout the world. Regional specialties from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg include Leberkase; a kind of meat loaf made of minced beef and pork ... Read Full Article

Favorite Restaurants in Bath, England

We love Bath and its many great restaurants and little tea rooms. These are our favorites so far. Where to Eat in Bath Browns $$$ Prominently situated only minutes from Bath Abbey, close to Parade Gardens, Browns' excellent food has earned it good reviews from such luminaries as the Guardian newspaper. The building was once used as a court house, and retains little touches, including some of ... Read Full Article