Touring France’s Champagne House Cellars

  Every time we hoist a flute of Champagne to our lips, we drink bubbly nectar that comes from only one place in the world—the Champagne region of France. Now only 90 minutes east of Paris by fast train, Champagne makes a marvelous overnight excursion. But you’re better off spending several days in Champagne to do full justice to its miles of arid brown, vine stubble-covered chalky ... Read Full Article

The 5 Greatest Cathedrals in France

  It is difficult to choose the 5 greatest cathedrals in France, but those listed here seem to me to be the most impressive. Whatever your views, there’s no denying the significance of cathedrals in France. To believers, a cathedral is a sacred, holy place of worship. Others may see a treasure house of fabulous art, a symbol of oppression and ostentatious wealth, or simply another historic ... Read Full Article

Exploring Champagne and Burgundy in France

  If you want to travel beyond Paris, be sure to consider  the Champagne-Ardenne region and/or Burgundy. These two areas have so much to see and do that you will be very busy. And if you are a lover of champagne or fine wine, you will be in heaven. Champagne-Ardenne When you pop a bottle of "champagne", you can be sure it is produced right here in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France. ... Read Full Article