Goulash Soup Recipe: Eating Hungarian with The Ravenous Traveler

Paprika by Takkk

Hungarian cuisine merges flavorful spices, such as paprika, with hearty stews and meat dishes, and a trip to Hungary wouldn’t be complete without sampling one of the country’s national dishes, Goulash Soup. Perhaps surprisingly, a lot of controversy surrounds goulash, and the definition of goulash changes depending on which Eastern European country you’re in. To find out why so many people are ... Read Full Article

Ravenous Traveler: Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with Great Irish Food

Irish Breakfast by Nico Kaiser

Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland is a ravenous traveler marathon. You wake up to the Dropkick Murphy’s “Cadence to Arms” with all its blaring punk rock and bagpipe beauty, then jump straight into the festivities at Dublin’s Saint Patrick’s Day Festival. But before you finish the first Irish carbomb of the day, you may want to consider checking out Ireland’s traditional foods: They will ... Read Full Article