Eating the Adriatic – The Last Stop: Traditional Foods of Puglia, Southern Italy

  Even though Italy has one of the highest obesity rates in Europe, the Mediterranean diet is alive and well in the southern Italian region of Puglia. Here traditional foods include fresh seafood, eggless pasta, and plenty of hearty, often foraged vegetables, such as chicory and wild artichokes. For the first time in all my trip, the air had the hard edge of fall. My girlfriend and I ... Read Full Article

Italy from Bottom to Top: the Trulli of Puglia

Because we arrived in the dark, it wasn’t until this morning that I discovered the unique beauty of the countryside that surrounds us in Ceglie, Puglia. Located in Italy's middle-Puglia, it is hillier than the south, with clumps of pine forest. My friends, with whom we will stay, have renovated an old farmhouse. The farmhouses in Puglia are known as masseria and they literally fill the ... Read Full Article