Out and About in Paris – Part III: Les Enfants

Jardin du Luxembourg Pony Rides

Paris has the deserved reputation of being one of the world’s most romantic cities, but it holds plenty of opportunities for family vacation fun as well. Public parks and gardens are great escapes from the tiring tedium of a typical tourist regimen. At The Luxembourg Gardens, children ride ponies, float miniature sailboats in the central fountain basin, and enjoy programmed activities such as ... Read Full Article

Tips on Tipping in England

restaurant in England

Imagine the scenario. Two Americans are visiting England and have just finished their meal in a fairly down-to-earth cafe or pub. Studying their bill, they lean over toward an Englishman at the table next to theirs and ask him how much it would be customary to tip. He is mystified. "Tip?... In this place?" But now it is their turn to be mystified. "You mean we shouldn't leave anything for the ... Read Full Article

Going to France? Take Along our Easy French Phrase Guide

Print out this Handy French Phrase Guide for your Next Trip to France Useful Phrases    [with pronunciation] Hello -– Bonjour [bohn-joor] Good morning -- Bonjour Good afternoon -- Bonjour Good evening –- Bonsoir  [bohn-swa] Good night -- Bonne nuit [bun nwee] How are you? –- Comment ça va? [koh moh sa vah?] I’m fine. – Ça va bien. [sah vah bee-ehn] Nice to meet you. --  ... Read Full Article

Tips For Driving in Britain

If you are an American, driving in Britain is not for the faint of heart! To begin with, the steering wheel is on the right side and it takes some time to adapt to driving on the left side of the road. And if your car rental is stick shift, remember that you will be shifting with your left hand as well. Even if you have had the experience of driving on the left side of the road, it is wise to take ... Read Full Article

Prague Practical Information for Tourists

Prague ornate buildings

  Prague is an enchanting city to visit, but you may wonder when is the best time to visit Prague? When are the Holidays in Prague? What if I have an emergency while visiting Prague? I will attempt to answer all these and some other practical questions about this great city. Best time to Visit Prague With the following information, you can decide. On average, the warmest month ... Read Full Article

Driving in France

French Car

Driving in France can be a wonderful experience, even for first-time travelers. You can explore the countryside at your own pace and visit little towns that you will be zooming past on a train. It is our preferred way to travel in France (outside of Paris.) Here are some hints and information on driving in France When you pick up your rental car, be sure to note whether it takes ... Read Full Article