Hiking to the Top of Mount Vesuvius

Mt. Vesuvius from a distance

  Mount Vesuvius in August was dry, dusty, hot, and absolutely worth the effort. By the time the rusted clock at the Pompei Scavi train station ticked around to noon, I had already spent four hours in the ruins of Pompeii and was therefore thirsty, footsore, and sunburnt. From the station platform, Mount Vesuvius loomed in the distance, a dark blue outline in a pale blue sky. I ... Read Full Article

Viewing the Lives of Pompeii, Italy’s Elite

A mosaic inside a Pompeii house

Pompeii is one of the leading sights in all of Italy because it takes visitors into the past, one that not only surrounds them on all sides, but which resembles the present. Originally, I’d questioned the necessity of visiting Pompeii after hearing that it is a tourist trap. In the spring, school groups fill the buildings and all of summer is also peak-season. However, when I visited the city in ... Read Full Article

Pompeii, Italy: Where Time Stands Still

The Forum in Pompeii

Some 2,000 years ago, Pompeii, Italy was a thriving city of shops, taverns, workshops, theatrical shows, and homes with elaborate courtyards. Then, one disastrous August day, Mount Vesuvius blew. The volcano’s eruption smothered Pompeii and everything in it under 60 feet of ash. There the city lay, untouched, until excavation began in the 18th century. Today people, millions of them, walk ... Read Full Article