Italy from Bottom to Top: Visiting Salerno and Paestum

I’m taking a SITA bus along the Amalfi Coast. If you’ve ever taken this nerve-racking trip, you know it’s a roller coaster ride. Every time we go around a corner we swing well into the other lane of traffic, and the driver’s blowing his horn frantically. A year ago I actually had to walk the road along the Amalfi Coast in the middle of the night. I’d waited for a bus that was two hours late, and ... Read Full Article

Naples Archeological Museum – One of the Greats

  The lively city of Naples has a lot to offer, from a 13th-century Gothic cathedral to terrific pizza joints, but the most compelling attraction by far is the National Archeological Museum of Naples – Museo Archeologico Nazionale de Napoli. It is one of the great classical museums of Europe.  If you are going to see Pompeii or Herculaneum -- and you should – it’s a must. The museum ... Read Full Article

Pompeii, Italy: Where Time Stands Still

The Forum in Pompeii

Some 2,000 years ago, Pompeii, Italy was a thriving city of shops, taverns, workshops, theatrical shows, and homes with elaborate courtyards. Then, one disastrous August day, Mount Vesuvius blew. The volcano’s eruption smothered Pompeii and everything in it under 60 feet of ash. There the city lay, untouched, until excavation began in the 18th century. Today people, millions of them, walk ... Read Full Article