A Visit to St. Norbert’s Brewery in Prague

  Only one kilometer west of St. Vitus Cathedral and the heart of the Prague Castle complex sits St. Norbert's Brewery, better known in Prague as the Strahovský klášter (Strahov Monastery), a Premonstratensian abbey that has been in Prague since the 12th Century. Since the 17th Century, beer has been brewed on the premises in a style altogether different from the more modern Pilsner ... Read Full Article

European Beer: Tipple Across Europe on St. Paddy’s Day

In time for another of Europe’s favourite days for a tipple of beer - St. Patrick’s Day - here is a guide to five countries where you’ll get a history lesson with every pint (don’t worry, you won’t be quizzed). When you think European beverages, you probably conjure up French wine, Italian Limoncello, Russian vodka, or maybe Greek ouzo if you’re adventurous. European beer, although always a ... Read Full Article

Savoring Czech Beer

  For over forty years, Czechoslovakia was all but inaccessible for westerners. As Soviet influence enveloped neighboring countries, local delicacies and tastes were, to a degree, lost or forgotten by those outside their borders. Thankfully, over the past twenty years, as Eastern Europe has opened back up and welcomed visitors from around the world, we can enjoy the best the Czechs have to ... Read Full Article

Six Great Places in the Czech Republic Beyond Prague

Try these suggestions for an authentic Czech experience without the throngs of crowds spilling into Prague’s streets and attractions. The Czech Republic is a traveller’s dream come true: delicious cuisine, good beer, fascinating attractions, and medieval architecture untouched by the ravages of European history. However, along with these positives, comes the truth: over 3.5 million tourists ... Read Full Article