First Time Visitor’s Guide to Piran, Slovenia

The first-time visitor is often drawn to Piran by beautiful photographs of a turquoise sea and Venetian-style architecture, but it is more than just a place to relax, it is a culinary heaven with some of the best wellness spas on earth. The town grew up on olive oil and the famous la fleur de sel sorts salt (at one time, salt was nearly as precious as gold), and other local delicacies to include ... Read Full Article

Eating the Adriatic -The Traditional Foods of Piran, Slovenia

  I’d read a lot about Piran, a coastal town just across the border in Slovenia, and wanted to sample its high quality traditional foods such as seafood, olive oil, wine, and salt. I hopped on a bus headed for Umag, a town near the Slovenian-Croatian border. The towns got smaller and smaller as the six-hour ride progressed, and the bus driver began delivering mail, as though he wanted to ... Read Full Article