Photo Essay: A Ramble Down Barcelona’s Ramblas

Angel in White

  If you're in Barcelona, the place to be - day and night- is the Ramblas, that Plane tree lined pedestrian boulevard that takes you from the Placa de Catalunya direct to the sea. The Ramblas is alive with open-air restaurants, artisans selling their wares, and a multitude of street performers lining the boulevard, all seeking your attention. Check -out our photos of the Ramblas street ... Read Full Article

Photos from a Summer Week in Maramures, Romaina

The Merry Cemetery is located in Sapanta. It is famous for its colourful tombstones with naive paintings describing, in an original and poetic manner, the persons that are buried there as well as scenes from their lives.

  Summer week in Maramures, a beautiful Romanian region where old local tradition is still alive. The wooden churches in Maramures are Unesco heritage sites.  ***** *****  *****  ***** ***** ***** About Guest Contributor, Andrea Albertino:  Born in 1982 close to Turin, Italy, Andrea Albertino earned a Phd in chemistry in 2010 and now ... Read Full Article

Amsterdam in Black and White


  During a business trip in Almere, I had the chance to visit Amsterdam for the first time and enjoyed the amazing network of channels passing through the city. I want to share with you Amsterdam in a black and white mood. ************ ************ ************ ************ ************ About Guest Contributor, Andrea Albertino:  Born in 1982 ... Read Full Article

Photo Essay: Norway

  Photographer Andrea Albertino chronicled his trip to Norway with these stunning photographs. Click on each photo to enlarge. Norway by Andrea Albertino First day in Norway: We landed in Oslo and we spent a relaxing evening visiting the Aker Brygge and enjoying a great dinner in a restaurant overlooking the sea. Second day: We reached Bergen travelling all day long by bus ... Read Full Article

Postcards From Erfurt, Germany

Erfurt, the capital of Thuringia, is a beautiful town located in the center of Germany. It is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Germany. With more than 1,260 years of history, Erfurt has lots to offer those who love historic and architecturally rich towns. The following "postcards" offer just a small glimpse of this city's charms. The architecture in Erfurt runs from Gothic to ... Read Full Article

Postcards From Potsdam

We spent two wonderful days in Potsdam and think that anyone traveling to Berlin ought to take a couple extra days to discover this historic city. Potsdam is just a short twenty minute trip from Berlin by inter-city rail. Most tourists only visit Sanssouci while in Potsdam; however, this city has so much more to offer. Potsdam has its own Brandenburg Gate The Neues Palace is steeped in ... Read Full Article

Postcards from Berlin

We were in Berlin last week, and luckily, we were there for the "night lights". During this week, Berlin's most famous monuments are flooded with colorful lights at night. This city is a mix of modern and old, east and west. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe and its vitality is evident in its modern architecture. The Brandenburg Gate is the symbol of Berlin The ... Read Full Article