Olympia Greece: Running Naked for the Olive Crown

The Palaestra, exercise area for the competitors in Olympia

The first competition held at Olympia, Greece was nothing to do with going for the gold. In fact, it was a chariot race that would determine who would win the hand of a beautiful princess, and inherit her father’s kingdom. King Oionomaos of Elis, had a daughter who he loved very much, so he challenged each of her suitors to a chariot race. Thirteen of them died before a man named Pelops ... Read Full Article

Five Top Places to Visit in Greece’s Peloponnese


  Greece’s Peloponnese has it all—striking landscapes, an array of historical sites, rich local cultures, and delectable food. Outdoor enthusiasts, culture vultures, foodies, history buffs, and practically everyone else will find their niche. It’s one of Greece’s most alluring regions, and it’s easy to access from Athens in a rental car. Plan well, rent a car, and voila you’re all set for ... Read Full Article

Hand-Picking Olives in Greece

Electric green olives

On a sunny October day in the southwest Peloponnese, about 3 hours outside Athens, countless electric green olives were weighing down branches, signaling that it was time for an annual ritual: hand-picking olives in Greece. I was joining the workers for my first time olive-picking experience. I rolled up my sleeves and waited for instructions to participate in this tradition. In Costa Navarino ... Read Full Article

Touring the Peloponnese, Olympia to Mycenae

The Palaestraof Olympia, a place devoted to the training of wrestlers and other athletes

You can’t travel in Greece without feeling awed by the history that surrounds you. Especially on the Peloponnesian peninsula, where the Olympics games began and the Mycenean culture thrived. On our way to see these ancient sites, John and I encountered quaint mountain villages, vineyards, tucked-away beaches, and friendly people who were happy to raise a glass of retsina with us. We started ... Read Full Article