The Pazzi Conspiracy: A Tour Through Florence

  It’s one of the most dramatic stories in 15th-century Florence. In 1478, the Pazzi, a well-established Florentine banking family, with support from Pope Sixtus IV, the King of Naples, and the Archbishop of Pisa, and others, hatched a plot so daring as to almost appear ridiculous: to kill Giuliano and Lorenzo de’ Medici in order to take control of Florence. On Sunday, April 26, during ... Read Full Article

Easy Day Trips From Florence

During your stay in Florence, especially if you’re here during the hot summer months, you’re going to want to leave behind the hustle and bustle of the skinny streets and the overcrowded museums. Here are three day trips you can take to get some perspective and fresh air. Settignano Every twenty minutes, the #10 bus leaves Santa Maria Novella station and takes you to Settignano, a ... Read Full Article