Europe in Winter: Where to Go

Vienna, a star of Europe in winter

The Old World is a gift that keeps giving year round, from the mercurial peaks of the warmer months, to the subzero temps of December and beyond. It’s the latter, however, that tends to capture the imagination, a time when the old town architecture and cobbled streets simmer in the chill, and warming visions of hearty fare by firelight draw the budding European tourist in. Though you’ll need a ... Read Full Article

EuropeUpClose Picks for Best Cities in Europe for Canoodling

Rome at Night

Looking for romantic Europe?   From the cozy canals of Venice, to sophisticated Paris, to mysterious Valencia, Spain, Europe offers romance around every corner. You can find romance anywhere, but these cities are our favorites for finding that special spot for canoodling. Venice, Italy The city of quiet canals and music is our choice for the best city in Europe for canoodling. What is more ... Read Full Article

Europe’s Creepiest Sights

St Catherine's Head

There are plenty of down-right creepy things that you may come across while traveling in Europe. And we thought you might be interested in learning about some of the creepiest things our writers have seen when in Europe. I am a sucker for things slightly weird and macabre, and when in Europe I am always on the look-out for an opportunity to get my "creepy fix". While churches are, without ... Read Full Article

Baron Haussmann’s Paris

If you’ve been to Paris, you’ve seen the work of Baron Haussmann. You may not have even known you were looking at it.  It’s hard to miss, because it permeates the entire city, well, it is the city.  Most city tours of Paris will at least mention Haussmann. To tell you the truth, for a long time my knowledge of “Haussmann’s Paris” was limited to what I had learned on various bus and walking tours ... Read Full Article

Getting from Beauvais to Paris

Most of you who have traveled to Paris have most likely landed at the Charles de Gaulle or Orly airports. Another airport seving Paris is Beauvais- Tillé which is located approximately 55 miles north of Paris in the town of Tillé. The Beauvais airport welcomes flights from many low cost/budget European airlines including: Ryanair, Wizzair, Sterling, BlueAir and Norwegian Air Shuttle. Unlike larger ... Read Full Article

Lyon, France- A Cultural Treasure Trove

Cafe des Federations, Lyon

  Lyon (often spelled “Lyons” by Anglophones) and its suburbs form the largest metropolitan area in France after Paris. Located in the Rhone-Alpes region, Lyon is known for its contributions to the world of art and gastronomy. Moreover, Lyon is where Auguste and Louis Lumiere, the fathers of cinema, attended school (at La Martiniere, Lyon’s largest technical school) and invented early film ... Read Full Article

Hotel Gavarni: Green Panache in Paris

  Hotel Gavarni joins a handful of  hotels that have embraced the Green movement in Paris. They are doing their part to clean up the urban jungle by providing more environmentally friendly places for visitors to rest their heads. Paris is paradise for walking aficionados. The streets are full of cafes from which to people watch and, of course,  incredible architecture abounds. Many ... Read Full Article

Avoiding and Dealing with Petty Crime in Europe

Most European cities are as safe as any major city in the US, but tourists can be a target for petty crime like pick-pocketing and rarely more violent crimes like mugging. There’s no fool-proof way to avoid being the victim of a crime, but you can reduce your risk by staying alert and heeding the following advice. Carry a minimum amount of cash It’s like Murphy’s Law – you’ll only get ... Read Full Article

A Stroll Through Paris’s Les Jardins du Luxembourg

Luxembourg Garden with the Senat in the background

Located in Paris’s  6th arrondissement, the 55 acre Luxembourg Gardens is home to the French Senate, which is housed in the luxurious Palais du Luxembourg. The garden is comprised of gravel walkways, grassy expanses, and large pools and fountains in which one often finds children sailing model boats (no, that’s not just in the movies!).  Parisians come to the gardens in search of peace and ... Read Full Article

Sundays in France

Whether you are in Paris or a small village, Sundays in France seem to have a similar pace. Our life in St. Jean de Losne the last couple of Sundays has been no different. A very important start is Neil’s trip to the boulangerie for a baguette and croissants or some other baked goods he is inspired to purchase.  I usually have the rest of our “petit dejeuner” prepared by the time he arrives back ... Read Full Article