5 Reasons to Try Turkish Wine While in Turkey

The vineyards

Need five reasons to drink Turkish wine on your next visit to Turkey? The country's wines are quickly growing in prominence worldwide, and it's no wonder why. First, the world's very first wines were likely made in the region. Second, Turkey ranks sixth in the world in total grape production. Third, the only countries that have more land dedicated to vineyards than Turkey are France, Italy, and ... Read Full Article

Pamukkale: The Great White Travertine and City of Hieropolis

Pamukkale Travertine

I stand at the foot of the great travertine terrace pools of Pamukkale (also known as Hieropolis) and am awestruck by how out of place it is. Brilliant, snow-white calcium basins line the cliff face, eccentrically stacked one on top of the other, an extensive white ridge, a petrified pseudo-North Pole, plum in the middle of dusty, barren Turkish countryside. The Pamukkale Spa Excperience The ... Read Full Article