Pandemonium in Palermo, Sicily

Trash is everywhere

I had a mixed experience visiting Sicily recently, a wonderful place full of spectacular scenery, delicious wine and kind hearted people.  The rolling green hills that form the heart of the island give way to a rugged coastline, full of white sandy beaches and wave-blasted rocky inclines, lashed by turquoise blue water. However, Palermo was another story. The Sicilian landscape was ... Read Full Article

Palermo, Sicily: Man, I Should Have Gone There

Gardens Photo by Tato Grasso

Palermo has been one of the most important cities on the Mediterranean Sea for at least 8,000 years. It has been ruled by the Greeks, North African Arabian sultans, the Normans, the Spanish, and it was finally unified with the rest of Italy in 1860. The Bay of Palermo contains the Mondello beach, which is one of the in-vogue beaches in Europe; and Sicilian food is some of the best in the world: ... Read Full Article

Visiting Italy’s Crypts


  The Italian word “ossario” (ossuary) can be traced back to the Latin word osseus, which means boney, and this is, quite literally, exactly what Italy’s ossario are. A resting place for the dead, they have been called crypts, catacombs, and tombs, but none of these words quite get the point across. Ossario are usually rooms filled with bones that have been artfully cared for and, ... Read Full Article

Off the Beaten Path in Sicily


It is worth it to go off the beaten path to see the beauties of Sicily. Southern Italy’s heat can be searing, but we visited Sicily in early spring, and the weather was perfect. The air was mild, almond trees bloomed in green valleys, and the stony fields were ablaze with wildflowers. The largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, 3 kilometers from Italy’s mainland, Sicily has been a ... Read Full Article