The Gothic City of Otranto, Italy

View from walkway over Otranto

  A coastal town on Italy’s Salento Peninsula, Otranto is a city out of a fairytale (in fact, the first Gothic novel ever written was inspired by Otranto’s castle), but the city also has elements of a tourist trap. Fortunately, the tourist-focused areas of the city can be easily bypassed with just a little know-how. For example, the experience of walking the magical seaside promenade, ... Read Full Article

Puglia, Italy’s Summer Food and Wine Festivals

  Each summer, Italy’s Salento peninsula is absolutely overrun with food festivals and wine tastings. A land known primarily for its stunning white-sand beaches, sea caves, and Baroque architecture, the Salento peninsula is also known as “the breadbasket of Italy,” and has some of the most fertile land in the country.  Its summer festivals are a way of celebrating this fertility. Each ... Read Full Article