Where to Stay in Oslo, Norway

 To help you make the right accommodation choice on your next trip to Oslo, here is a guide for where to stay in Oslo that considers every lifestyle and budget. Oslo, the capital of Norway, is the country's hub for culture, art, and industry, with sites like the main square of Stortorvet, Akerhus Castle, the National Museum, and the Basarhallene bazaar. Luckily, Oslo is a very walkable city with ... Read Full Article

Top Sights of Oslo, Norway

Oslo is a city of culture and colour. With parks, museums and history all on offer, you’re never short of things to see and do. However if you are short on time, pull out the city map and head out to the following locations: Oslo Fjord and Islands Oslo experiences long cold winters. So when the sun finally shows up, the locals make the most of it and head to the Oslo fjord and its islands. ... Read Full Article

A Journey on Norway’s Flamsbana Railway

A trip to Norway would be incomplete without a ride on the spectacular Flam Railway. This journey, involving two trains and a ferry, unveils the best of Norway’s natural beauty and creative engineering: majestic mountains, lush forests and sparkling fjords all visible from the perch of a twisting and twirling rail line. It was an experience that left me speechless, a condition I rarely suffer ... Read Full Article