Ofenwerk Summerfest and South Historic Car Rally

Nürnberg (Nurenberg) is a classic German city in the Franconian region of Bavaria. With a claim of a special bratwurst all it’s own, a host of fascinating museums and historic sites, Nürnberg has enough to fill any traveler’s itinerary. But each summer a special event gives insight not only into German traditions but also English, Italian and even American ones. It’s the Ofenwerk Sommerfest ... Read Full Article

Nürnberg’s Noteworthy Historic Sites

All of Nürnberg ( Nuremberg) is historic and noteworthy, but a few of Nurnburg's  historic sites will make it to the top of anyone's must see list while exploring the Franconia region's main city. Nürnberg Castle Nürnberg Castle, located in the northwestern section of the city, is considered to be the symbol of the city and one of Nurnberg's top historic site. The castle complex rises high ... Read Full Article

Exploring the Museums of Nürnberg, Germany

Durer self-portrait

  The city of Nürnberg is considered to be the cultural capital of Franconia, a distinct region in the German state of Bavaria. While many tourists visit the city to frequent the Christmas market or have their photograph taken in front of the Schöner Brunnen fountain while turning the golden ring for luck, some of the best places to tour are any of the many museums. From historic houses to ... Read Full Article

Nürnberg, Germany’s Doku Zentrum Museum

Germany has worked hard to process and overcome the violent and tragic legacy of the Third Reich. The country’s post-war constitution declares Holocaust denial to be a crime. Persons responsible for atrocities committed under Hitler’s regime have been brought to trial and are to this day prosecuted under German law. Most recently, a 90 year old former Wehrmacht officer was sentenced to life in ... Read Full Article

Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Germany has Many Stories to Tell

With over a thousand years of recorded history, Nürnberg ( Nuremberg) has a varied past. From a trade center in the medieval Holy Roman Empire and cultural hub in the German Renaissance to host city of Nazi party rallies in the 1930s and the ensuing War Trials in the 1940s, Nürnberg has many stories to tell. Today, the largest city in the Franconia region is as busy as ever, constantly redefining ... Read Full Article