Spend a Day in Decadent Deauville, France

Deauville Villa Strasburger

  Located in northwestern France, the seaside city of Deauville is a lovely place to spend the day (or several). Known for its horse racing culture, grand casino, luxurious hotels, sumptuous villas, and breathtaking ocean views, Deauville has historically been the playground of France’s (and the international) upper class (think the northwestern French equivalent of Nice). The “look” of ... Read Full Article

Lots to Love in Le Mans, France


The first time in I lived in France, I spent quite a bit of time in Le Mans. Given the fact that I am not necessarily a car racing enthusiast (Le Mans has hosted the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans sports car race since 1923), this fact came as a surprise to many of my friends back home. The reason I traveled from Rennes to Le Mans each month was that the grandmother of my good friends lived there. ... Read Full Article

Vive la Bretagne! Living in Rennes, France


While pursuing my studies of French in my early twenties, one of the degrees I completed was a Diplôme de 2ième Degré (the equivalent of an associate’s degree) in French Studies from Université de Rennes 2. The city of Rennes has two main universities; Université de Rennes 1 offers courses in science, technology, medicine, philosophy, law, management and economics and Université de Rennes 2, is ... Read Full Article