A Hike on Hadrian’s Wall Path

The Hadrian Wall trail

Hadrian’s Wall is one of northern Europe’s greatest remnants of the Roman Empire. It was effectively the northernmost border of the entire empire, which in its heyday extended into three continents. Construction of the wall was initiated by Emperor Hadrian in 122 AD—the wall was more or less complete no more than six years later, a feat so impressive that it could only be done by the Romans. I ... Read Full Article

Imposing Bamburgh Castle in England’s Northumberland

Northumberland, the northernmost county in North East England, is blessed with a great share of historic buildings, but one of the most stunning has to be Bamburgh Castle. As you travel towards the village of Bamburgh, you can’t help but spot the huge castle in the distance. Perched high upon a 180 foot rocky crag which spans nine acres of land, it towers over the village beneath it. ... Read Full Article