Schwerin, Germany – a Fairy Tale City

Germany is full of charming old towns and tourist routes such as the Romantic Road, but there are less traveled areas and towns in Northeastern Germany that are worthy of a visit. One such town is Schwerin, Germany. This place is an ideal get-away that offers a wealth of old-world charm in a picturesque country-setting. The town of Schwerin is located 2 hours north of Berlin and 1 hour from ... Read Full Article

Kiel, Germany: Sailing City on the Baltic Sea

When I was a kid in Frankfurt, Kiel was where all of the rich kids went for vacation. I suppose it qualifies as the seaside resort area Germany always wanted, but never really had. Kiel is the windswept beach town where young men went to hear the call of the sea and young girls went for summer affairs in the grassy dunes. The city itself was bombed into rubble like most of the other German towns ... Read Full Article