Values Based Travel Planning

Joan and Neil 1977

  Often when we are young, say just out of college, European travel with a pack on our back is very desirable: an adventure, a rite of passage. Once we get involved in work and family, we often have little time, and R & R travel closer to home looks really good. But when we finally have a little more time -- when we aren’t simply desperate for R & R, what does travel really ... Read Full Article

Contemporary Spanish Films: The Magic of Pedro Almodovar


Pedro Almodovar is, without a doubt, one of the most famous contemporary Spanish filmmakers. His numerous films, recognizable by their complex characters, moving narratives, and colorful cinematography have garnered much acclaim by international audiences and critics. Almodovar frequently centers his films on a strong female character, as she negotiates themes such as desire, identity, obligation, ... Read Full Article