An Insider’s View of Nantes, France


Recently, I caught up with Kate Thomas, an American Francophile who currently makes her home in Sainte-Luce sur Loire, a northeast suburb of Nantes. She was gracious enough to share with me all of the reasons she loves this singular city, located in western France - just 30 miles from the Atlantic coast. What brought you to Nantes, Kate? I arrived in Nantes four years ago completely by ... Read Full Article

Nantes, France: the Nautical Ambiance that Inspired Jules Verne


  Gazing out from the shelter of an umbrella across the Loire River to Nantes’ hazy industrial islands, you will be transported back in time to the mystical shores of adventure and scientific discovery enshrouding the novels of Jules Verne (1828 – 1905).  He was born and raised on Île Feydeau, a former shipyard that has been recently transformed into a landscaped open-air leisure and ... Read Full Article