Tinos, Mykonos and Delos: the Divine and the Decadent Islands of Greece

Mykonos Port

  Only a few nautical miles separate them, but the islands of Tinos, Mykonos and Delos in the Greek Cyclades group are as diverse as the Elysian Fields and the Underworld: The Divine and the Decadent. Tinos is ascetic: a holy island, famed for one of the most important shrines of the Orthodox Church. Mikonos is primarily an island noted as a pleasure-seeker’s delight. Delos has been ... Read Full Article

A Guide to the Most Popular Islands in Greece

  To enter the world of the Greek islands is to enter a time-tested sanctuary decorated with sharp cliffs, lazy seas, perfectly bronzed bodies, and warm smiles. People take their time. There is no where to be, because you are already there. The sun keeps you inside for a long lunch and siesta, and when the sun begins to relax, the beaches fill up and the parties begin. Hedonism is more ... Read Full Article

The Greek Isles: Naxos and Mykonos

  Aboard the FlyingCat4, we left lovely Santorini and skimmed the waves for 3 hours to Naxos. Our first impressive sight was the Portara, a huge stone doorway on a peninsula jutting into the sea. The entrance to a never-finished temple of Apollo, it was a dramatic introduction to the island. Naxos was green with olive trees, orchards, and fields. White marble dust lined the roads near ... Read Full Article