London’s British Museum: a Shrine to Humanity


  Free access to the treasures of the world is the splendid gift offered every visitor to the British Museum. When you pass through the Greek-temple facade in the Bloomsbury district, you’re entering a shrine to human endeavor, history and art.  Some 7 million objects from all continents are exhibited in the museum, showing human culture from pre-historic times to the present. Those who ... Read Full Article

Why I’m a Fan of London’s Tate Modern


I’ll admit it- I’ve always been a fan of contemporary art. This appreciation turned into a passion during my time working for the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis and I became a full-blown contemporary art junkie. Though I have since pursued a career in academia and world language education, the arts have always remained part of my personal and profession (writing) life. In the fall of 2008, the ... Read Full Article

Paris’ Quai Branly Museum: Collections and Controversy


For many reasons, Paris’ Quai Branly has caused much controversy among the French and  international visitors.  Despite (or perhaps because of) this continued controversy, it has become hugely popular since it opened on June 23, 2006.  The Musée Quai Branly contains an impressive collection of over 300,000 artifacts from Africa and Oceania that was previously displayed at the Trocadero Museum of ... Read Full Article