Insiders Guide to Munich

Munich Frauenkirche

Munich is one of the most charming cities in Germany. Located in the south near the alps, it is the capital of Bavaria and the most visited city in Germany. Two days is not enough time to see all there is to see. A few Surprises about Munich One thing we noticed is that unlike in Paris, most people do not speak English. We were able to get by with our little phrase book and since most ... Read Full Article

Oktoberfest: Bavaria’s Excuse to Party Large

Prost to Oktoberfest

Welcome to Oktoberfest! Imagine it: 460,000 roast chickens. 400,000 sausages. 70,000 pork knuckles. 116 oxen. Dirndls, lederhosen, gingerbread cookies, oompah bands, beer chants and pretzels, and heaving breasts as far as the eye can see. Six and a half million people drinking nearly 7 million litres of beer. This year, the Opening Ceremony officially kicked off at noon  when the ... Read Full Article

Top 9 Day Trips from Munich

  Munich, the capital of Germany’s Bavaria region, offers great day trip opportunities that include visits to castles, hiking, and great skiing in the Alps. Our day trip selections focus on famous Bavarian castles, a handful of unique hikes, a good ski resort, a great brewery, several quintessential Bavarian towns, and more. In order to plan day trips from Munich, you should become ... Read Full Article

Where to Stay in Munich – Editor’s Picks

Munich is a warmhearted Bavarian city, with a grand array of hotels from which to choose. We'd like to offer our suggestions for hotels in Munich at every price-point. Luxury Hotels in Munich Mandarin Oriental Munich Luxury***** Very Expensive -Deluxe The Mandarin Oriental Munich is a haven of luxury within the city's historic center. Tucked away in a quiet side street,but near the famed ... Read Full Article

Munich, Germany’s Vibrant Arts Scene

Munich's vibrant arts scene will give art lovers plenty to keep them busy. Home to both large-scale museums and small, independent gallery spaces, Munich offers some of the best opportunities to view international modern and traditional art in all of Germany. From the world- renowned Bavarian National Museum to the eclectic Stroke Art Fair, visitors to this arts mecca are sure to find something of ... Read Full Article

The Sparkling Residenz in Munich

  Why did I visit the Residenz in Munich? It's a long story...I can’t help it - I love baubles, I love gems, I love all things shinny and bright. Not that I can afford to buy a gem of a substantial size, but I do love to peer into the deep green of a huge emerald and revel in the reflections of light, while I imagine the exotic country it came from, and what the person finding itmust have ... Read Full Article

Best Pubs in Western and Central Europe (well…some of them!)

Usually, the thought of a tasty, ice cold brew at the end of a long trek is what keeps even the most intrepid traveler fueled and focused when life on the road gets a little hard going. Thankfully, pretty much everywhere you go in Europe you’re up to your waist in world-class brew, and better yet, a veritable variety of amazing venues in which to relax, unwind and meet great people while you ... Read Full Article

A Guide to German Beer

  German beer has taken on a mythical quality both within that country and across the world. Many non-German beers claim to be brewed based on the specifications of the Reinheitsgebot ( or purity law), a beer regulatory standard in place since the fifteenth century. Many people have taken to very specific types of German beers such as Weißbier, Pilsener or Bock, and tried to convince ... Read Full Article

Oktoberfest in Munich: Beer, Brats and Bands

Every year, Munich puts together a fantastic party to celebrate the Harvest. Oktoberfest is a two-week beer party, with parades, bands, beer-tents, food booths and general raucous fun. A Bavarian tradition, Oktoberfest is always held at the end of September to  early October. The festivities begin with The Landlord and Brewery Parade. This parade marks the official opening of Oktoberfest and ... Read Full Article

Tasty Munich Cuisine and Restaurant Recommendations

Cuisine of Southern Germany The cuisine of southern Germany capitalizes on abundant natural resources and temperate climates to produce incomparable gastronomic delights. The distinctive cuisine of the south, especially the Black Forest, is renowned throughout the world. Regional specialties from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg include Leberkase; a kind of meat loaf made of minced beef and pork ... Read Full Article