Top 10 Reasons to Visit Russia

Iconic Red Square

Winston Churchill called Russia a “riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma,” which is perhaps even more true today; just read the news. Russia is on the far eastern edge of Europe and tourism there can be expensive and frustrating. Nevertheless, the only possible way to understand one of the world’s great countries is to stand on her soil. I worked at the Anglo-American School of Moscow ... Read Full Article

Discovering Moscow with a Phrase Book and Map – Beyond the City’s Historic Heart

Upper St Peter's Monastery - main church

The luxury of having a full week in Moscow is that after visiting the Kremlin and Red Square, there is still time to discover the pulse of the city as you explore the streets radiating from these highly visited sites. The choices are so varied they defy being put into categories while  also revealing the many faces of Russian history. Along Petrovka Ulitsa (street) my husband Rick and I ... Read Full Article

Discovering Moscow with a Phrase Book and Map – The Kremlin and Red Square

St Basil's Cathedral

  An hour to go and crowds are gathering. Leaving our shady niche in the flowery Alexandrovsky Garden, my husband Rick and I stake a spot with a good view along the outside northwest Kremlin wall. Exactly on the hour all heads turn toward three soldiers “goosestep” marching; their legs with locked knees swing in unison high off the ground, their rifles balance vertically from their left ... Read Full Article

Riding the Trans-Siberian Railway: Starting in Moscow

The domes of  Sobornaya Square

Steaming red brick; gold-leafed towers; thumping nightclubs; shady parks: it’s hard to pin down Russia’s capital.  Moscow juggles between two identities, as a thriving symbol of the new Russia and the historical center of the old. The Trans-Siberian journey begins in Russia’s capital city. Moscow is big and bold and definitely differs in tone from the rest of the journey. Whether or not Moscow’s ... Read Full Article

Where to Stay in Moscow – Editor’s Picks

golden apple deluxe rooom

The links to hotels in this article are clickable and will link you to our hotel price comparison engine, allowing you to view maps, ratings, and find the very lowest prices available anywhere! Whether it's the Kremlin’s imposing towers or a heaping plate of fresh blini, there are plenty of reasons to visit Moscow.  However, Moscow is not known for reasonably-priced accommodations. Recently, ... Read Full Article

Three Symbols of Russian Life in Moscow


Moscow is not just the capital of Russia - it is also a city full of sights that reflect fascinating aspects of the life and soul of the Russian people. Here is a personal selection of three of the most interesting sights, reflecting different aspects of what Russia is all about. Cathedral of the Intercession The Eastern Orthodox faith, the predominant religious belief in Russia, is a big part ... Read Full Article

Three of the Best Political Monuments in Moscow, Russia


Russia has a fascinating history and present, and the capital, Moscow, is where you’ll find some of the most impressive, thought-provoking and downright bizarre monuments to the political changes the country has gone through. Here is a personal selection of three that particularly stand out. The Kremlin The huge walled citadel, encompassing a 68-acre area with no fewer than four palaces and ... Read Full Article

Top Three Arts Venues in Moscow, Russia

Tchaikovsky_in_front _of _the_ Moscow_Conservatory

Moscow is a great city to experience Russian culture, whether you’re looking for world-class ballet, unforgettable literature or inspiring symphonies. Here is a personal selection of three of the best artistic attractions. Moscow Conservatory Founded in 1866, this renowned music academy is not only a place for students and scholars. It is also a place where members of the public can come to ... Read Full Article

Europe’s Creepiest Sights

St Catherine's Head

There are plenty of down-right creepy things that you may come across while traveling in Europe. And we thought you might be interested in learning about some of the creepiest things our writers have seen when in Europe. I am a sucker for things slightly weird and macabre, and when in Europe I am always on the look-out for an opportunity to get my "creepy fix". While churches are, without ... Read Full Article