9 of Europe’s Best Funicular Railways

Funicular in Bergen

They go up, they go down, and they show a side of things you can’t get anywhere else. Sure, funicular railways might have their roots in yesteryear, but they’re still one of the most sought after attractions on the tourist trail. From heritage cars to sleek, modern cabs, Europe sports some of the most visually spectacular funicular rides on the planet. Here’s a bucket list of ten of the best ... Read Full Article

Long Nights and Hot Days in Montmartre

Nick below Sacre Coeur after a day of playing for money

I brought the guitar to Paris as a sort of insurance. If and when I ran out of funds I could always play on the street for money, I reasoned. When I initially moved into my eleventh story flat on Avenue Jean Jaures, my landlord—who was named Catherine, as so many women in France are—gave me a pitying look and told me that the guitar would almost certainly be stolen. When I ran into her on the ... Read Full Article

Montmartre, Paris: A Walk With The Artists

Moulin rouge at midnight

The first time I saw Paris, many years ago, my friends and I headed for Montmartre. We’d seen the movies and heard the stories, and we weren’t about to miss this famous neighborhood. It seemed a bit tawdry, but we didn’t care.  We went straight to the Moulin Rouge where we watched women in skimpy outfits dance onstage, while we tasted champagne. No one asked for ID. I had just turned seventeen. ... Read Full Article

Exploring The Art of Montmartre

Picasso's At the Lapin Agile from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

On a cool, sunny, winter solstice morning, my husband and I disembarked at the Place des Abbesses métro station and gasped with delight. We were greeted by one of eighty-seven Art Nouveau métro entrances in Paris. This one, consisting of a display of lacy, iron, filigreed flowers and figures, ushered us onto the streets of Montmartre. This village, perched on a hill above Paris, was the ... Read Full Article

Montmartre and Surrounding Areas: Paris’ 18th Arrondissement

The 18th arrondissement, located on the Right Bank, is best known for the bustling tourist area of Montmartre, including Sacre Coeur (the hilltop white domed basilica) and the famous (now quite seedy) Pigalle district, home to the Moulin Rouge. The 18th is also home to the multiracial area called La Goutte d’Or or ‘Golden Drop’ (also the name of a white wine). La Goutte d’Or also extends into the ... Read Full Article

Drinks in Paris’ Montmartre at L’été en pente douce

Last time I was in Paris, I met up with my good French friend and host sister (from my study abroad days in college) who had recently scored an amazing apartment in Paris’ coveted Montmartre neighborhood.  When she asked where my husband and I would like to go for a drink, I responded that I wanted to visit her place and then go to her favorite bar or terrasse (outside seating area).  So, we ... Read Full Article