La Scala: More Than Just a Night at the Opera

A production at La Scala

As the world’s most famous opera house, Teatro alla Scala is a mecca for music lovers the world over. What many don’t realize is that visitors can experience Milan’s La Scala in more ways than one costly night sitting on a red-velveteen chair listening to Verdi. Of course La Scala is synonymous with opera, and advance planning, online booking, and deep pockets can usually snare you a ... Read Full Article

Milan’s Palaces of the Dead

  After a week in Milan, we felt we’d seen everything. We’d visited the Duomo in daylight and at night; we’d had aperitivi at several trendy bars; we couldn’t afford, but we didn’t care to shop at Gucci and Prada. It was an awkward period of limbo, one that came after what seemed like a week of 24/7 sightseeing. Why were we even still in Milan? It prompted my girlfriend and me to undertake ... Read Full Article

Where To Stay in Milan, Italy

Because Milan’s city center is relatively small and holds a wealth of hotels at all price points, there is no excuse for staying in a hotel that doesn’t meet your needs and expectations. From budget lodging to five-star apartments, Milan’s hotels are within easy walking distance to its most important sights. Hotel star ratings are determined by a public standard in Italy (as they are in Spain, ... Read Full Article

Where to Eat in Milan – the Heart of the Lombardy Region

The Lombardy region is a culinary web, with porcini mushrooms from the Alps, braseola beef from Valtellina, frog legs from Mantua, Cantello asparagus from the Padana Plains valleys, and Luertis hops from Franciacorta. Milan is at the center of the web; its cuisine has been described in extremes, from avant-garde to rustic. Some have mistakenly assumed that it owes its advancement to nearby France, ... Read Full Article

Milan’s Uber-Hip Sights and Activities

While updating a Milan travel guide, I scoured every inch of this magnificent city. At one point, I walked around and around for hours in search of a specific fashion house only to discover it a few feet from where I started. What I’m trying to say is that parts of Milan are like Times Square, as there are tons of sights, restaurants, boutiques and museums packed into every block. As multifarious ... Read Full Article

First-time Visitor Guide to Milan, Italy

  More than any other city in Italy, Milan, with a city proper population of 1.3 million and metropolitan area population of 4 million, is a thriving, international, cultural, commerce center. While Rome is the place to see what remains of the old Roman civilization, Milan is where you'll find sophisticated, modern Italy. Cutting-edge fashion boutiques, trendy restaurants, world-acclaimed ... Read Full Article

Europe’s Creepiest Sights

St Catherine's Head

There are plenty of down-right creepy things that you may come across while traveling in Europe. And we thought you might be interested in learning about some of the creepiest things our writers have seen when in Europe. I am a sucker for things slightly weird and macabre, and when in Europe I am always on the look-out for an opportunity to get my "creepy fix". While churches are, without ... Read Full Article

Buon Viaggio Green Travelers: Milan, Italy

Common knowledge is that the Italians are on the cutting edge of fashion, industry and nightlife. Becoming environmentally friendly may now be added to the list. The city of Milan seems to be in the forefront of Italian cities getting in the "Green" act. The city recently announced a major Eco update in the form of the world’s largest solar rooftop - solar array! This massive photovoltaic system ... Read Full Article

Visiting Italy’s Crypts

  The Italian word “ossario” (ossuary) can be traced back to the Latin word osseus, which means boney, and this is, quite literally, exactly what Italy’s ossario are. A resting place for the dead, they have been called crypts, catacombs, and tombs, but none of these words quite get the point across. Ossario are usually rooms filled with bones that have been artfully cared for and, ... Read Full Article

A Day in Milan, Italy

Milano Duomo

  A few years ago, I flew to Milan to speak at a literary conference in nearby Lugano, Switzerland. Though I only had one day in this bustling Italian metropolis, I remember it vividly and fondly. Milan is the second largest city in Italy, with a population of around 1.3 million Milanese (the term used for inhabitants of Milan). Since I am a devoted fan of contemporary European ... Read Full Article