Chase the Blues Away: Blue Cruising Across the Turkish Mediterranean


  Imagine postcard perfect sunsets on crystal blue waters, mountainous backdrops and romantic beaches; sleeping beneath a blanket of stars, sailing with wild abandon across the mythic Mediterranean. A ‘Blue Cruise’ along the Turkish Riviera could well be as close to perfection as it gets. Far from the mosques of Istanbul and rustic resplendence of Cappadoccia, the Turkish Riviera offers ... Read Full Article

Viareggio, Italy—A Cooling Escape from Florence


It is July and you are staying in Florence for a week. You rush from museum to cool museum to escape the suffocating heat. The open piazzas are the worst. By 2pm you give up and retreat to your air-conditioned hotel room, where you settle in with a book and occasionally look out the window at the bright blue sky, wondering why this is a vacation. You could spend the dog days of summer like ... Read Full Article