Six of the Sunniest European Winter Destinations

Turkish Aegean is one of the Sunniest European Winter Destinations

Let's take a look at some of the most desirable, sought after and sunniest European winter destinations. Those accustomed to stunning sunsets and balmy eves during their European getaways might balk at the thought of traveling to the Old World during the long, cold winter. But you might be surprised that, from December to March, not all of the continent is covered in wild snow and sleet. In fact, ... Read Full Article

Adventure in Marrakech, the Exotic Red-Rose City of Morocco

Teasellers Djamaa el Fna

Marrakech is known as ‘the red rose city’ because of its pink-tinged buildings and the rose hue that envelopes the city. The city nestles like a rose-quartz gemstone near the foothills of the snow-capped High Atlas Mountain. Outside the city walls, the rock-strewn fields turn into a desert with little vegetation except for patches of irrigated farmland where there are orchards and old olive ... Read Full Article

The Color and Life of Marrakech

  “To visit Morocco is still like turning the pages of some illuminated Persian manuscript all embroidered with bright shapes and subtle lines,” Edith Wharton wrote in 1927, and it holds true today.  That rich embroidery of life and color is most intense, if not overwhelming, in Marrakech, just north of the High Atlas Mountains. The symbol of Morocco’s third-largest city is the ... Read Full Article

Meknès: Morocco’s Imperial City and World Heritage Site

  Back in the 17th century, Meknès was the largest fortified city in North Africa. Its powerful ruler, Moulay Ismail, had plenty of slave labor to build his vast palaces and gardens, as well as 25 miles of thick walls and monumental gates. History declares the sultan a ruthless tyrant, but he did guarantee peace and order. (There’s apparently no record of just how peaceful it was in his ... Read Full Article

Marrakech Magnifique!

Night in Marakesch

  The illuminated Koutoubia Mosque looms high and imposing over the Djamma el-Fna, the centuries old heart of Marrakech. A call to prayer bellows into the ether; an Islamic crescent moon appears aptly in the deep indigo sky. Just two hours from Algeciras, a ferry ride across the Strait of Gibraltar is all that separates a Spanish vacation from being spiced up with a little Moroccan ... Read Full Article