Valencia, a City in Seven Markets

If you’ve been to Spain, you’ll know that life there is lived by night: evening strolls, late dinners and drinks in the cafés, tapas bars and nightclubs. To feel the real spirit of Spain, you must stay out late. However, there is one thing that gets even the latest night owls out of bed before noon: the street markets. Spain is renowned for its bustling mercadillos; stalls set up in the streets ... Read Full Article

Celebrate the Holidays in Paris

If there’s one time of year when the “city of romance” becomes even more romantic, it’s around the Winter holidays. From the end of November through the beginning of January, Paris transforms into a holiday wonderland, combining the old and the new with just a hint of “je ne sais quoi.” From holiday shopping to New Year’s Eve revelry, here are some elements you are sure to enjoy if you plan on ... Read Full Article

Exploring the Markets of Brussels

  My first experience with the markets of Brussels was on a drizzly Saturday, as many of them tend to be, at the Clemenceau market. A friend and I stepped out of the metro station and into a gauntlet of women who would flash iPhones to anyone who looked like a potential buyer. "Watch your wallet, by the way," my friend warned. Throngs of shoppers were streaming into the ... Read Full Article

Scoping Out Florence Markets

Any Florence travel plan should include trips to the myriad of local markets; there is one for every taste and pocketbook. Arrive early to have first and best choice at one of your favorite Florence markets! Directory of Florence Markets San Lorenzo Market Tuesday through Saturday From Piazza S. Lorenzo to Via dell'Ariento, all around the Basilica of San Lorenzo (in the very historical ... Read Full Article

Markets in Tuscany, Italy

One of the joys of traveling to Tuscany is the change to visit the markets held in multiple cities and little towns. There is a market held every day of the week somewhere, and many of the people travel from town to town displaying their wares or selling their home-grown vegetables and fruits. Tuscany Markets are where you can really see the the customs and day-to-day routines of the local ... Read Full Article