Exploring Castles in Bacharach, Germany and Along the Rhine

river boat on the Rhine RIver

It happened to be a rainy day when I drove with my friends from Mainz, Germany to explore some castles along the Rhine River; but a little rain wasn't going to stop us from having lots of fun. The views of vineyards growing up the steep river banks and boats plying their way along the scenic shoreline seemed even more beautiful now that it was shrouded in a misty aura. Sooneck Castle Our ... Read Full Article

A Walking Tour of Two Mainz Churches

Entrance to Mainzer Dom

  Located on the Rhine River outside the major metropolitan district of Frankfurt, the German city of Mainz is a sight to behold. The fanciful buildings of the Mainz plaza (sparkling with Christmas lights in the winter), the historic surrounding district, and the adjacent sandstone cathedrals, make this a unique destination. Mainz is best enjoyed on foot and a great way to see most of the ... Read Full Article

Mainz, Germany: A Carnival City with Roman Roots

  I was fortunate to visit a friend who lives in Mainz so he acted as my tour guide as we explored this architecturally rich and scenic city; from the Baroque Gautor Gate built in 1670 that was once part of the city walls, to the Copper Mountain Terrace, an upscale residential area where people grow their own grapes to make sparkling wine. And, of course, there is the modern shopping ... Read Full Article

Helau! Celebrating Carnival in Mainz, Germany

Have you experienced Carnival in  Germany? Carnival, known locally as Fastnacht, is a lively, cheerful time of celebration, which has its origins in medieval religious festivals and is particularly celebrated in the Rhineland area of Germany. Carnival season officially starts on November 11 each year and ends on Ash Wednesday. Celebrations peak on the weekend before Ash Wednesday and are ... Read Full Article