Relax at the Hotel Chateau St Gerlach in Maastricht, Netherlands

st gerlach room

  Located just 5 miles from the Maastricht rail station, the Hotel Chateau St Gerlach is a unique estate set in the Ingendael Wildlife Reserve. This former monastery was founded in 1201 and burned down in 1581. The baroque castle that you see today dates from 1713. Hotelier Camille Oostwegel bought the ruins of Château St. Gerlach for 1 Dutch Gulden and then proceeded to spend 26 million ... Read Full Article

Maastricht – the Netherlands’ Oldest City


  Maastricht is located in that tiny bit of land stretching out to the south of the Netherlands, a narrow strip of land in between Belgium and Germany.  And the vestiges of a Roman city beginning here as early as 50 B.C. shows Maastricht to be  the oldest city in the Netherlands. Because of its strategic location it has been contested land over the years, but the medieval city center shows ... Read Full Article