Europe in Winter: Where to Go

Vienna, a star of Europe in winter

The Old World is a gift that keeps giving year round, from the mercurial peaks of the warmer months, to the subzero temps of December and beyond. It’s the latter, however, that tends to capture the imagination, a time when the old town architecture and cobbled streets simmer in the chill, and warming visions of hearty fare by firelight draw the budding European tourist in. Though you’ll need a ... Read Full Article

EuropeUpClose Picks for Best Cities in Europe for Canoodling

Rome at Night

Looking for romantic Europe?   From the cozy canals of Venice, to sophisticated Paris, to mysterious Valencia, Spain, Europe offers romance around every corner. You can find romance anywhere, but these cities are our favorites for finding that special spot for canoodling. Venice, Italy The city of quiet canals and music is our choice for the best city in Europe for canoodling. What is more ... Read Full Article

London on Foot: a Haunted House and Jack the Ripper


There are endless possibilities for discovering London on foot, but this time I felt a need to indulge in an exploration of  the macabre. Evoke before your inner eye the image of swirling London fog barely penetrated by the yellow light of gas street lamps. Imagine unsavory characters up to no good lurking in the depth of alleys; or ghosts in haunted houses rattling their chains and frightening ... Read Full Article

How to Enjoy London on a Budget

Sherlock Holmes Pub, London

Do you have your heart set on visiting London, even if you're 'skint' (lacking funds)? Many travelers do, and for good reason: it's one of the most historic and exciting cities in the world. The price tag can be intimidating, though, as even a 'cuppa' tea can run you several dollars. But not to worry: not only can you still afford London on a budget, but you can have a fantastic time. You just ... Read Full Article

Walking Over and Around London’s Tower Bridge


The beauty of London is that which ever direction you walk, you will quickly find yourself in either one of its countless parks and squares full of trees, flowers and monuments; or on the banks of the mighty River Thames. The Thames, which meanders through central London, is one of the city's most famous landmarks and the emblematic Tower Bridge is it’s most well known means to cross the ... Read Full Article

Saving Money on Your London Vacation

Market veggies0001

  Budget travel can be an exciting, challenging experience and there are lots of ways to save money on the basics: lodging, eating and transportation. Here's my take on saving money on your London vacation. Budget Accommodations in London You'll need to sleep, and a park bench just won't do—but a couch could be perfect if you're an ultra-independent traveler. Couch Surfing has become ... Read Full Article

Four Top Travel Apps for Europe


Gone are the days of trying to squeeze umpteen maps, guidebooks or currency converter gadgets into your luggage – now all you need are travel apps. The number of travel apps available has increased considerably over the last year alone. There are apps for maps, apps to help you plan your trip, apps for currency conversion and apps with language translators and phrasebooks. Wherever you’re ... Read Full Article

Bag a Bargain at London’s Historic Old Spitalfields Market


Once the home of one of London’s traditional fruit and vegetable markets, Spitalfields Market has now been transformed into a vibrant and bustling market place with a large variety of goods, including the works of an array of contemporary artists. If you love exploring markets and hunting for bargains or unusual finds, then head to Spitalfields Market. The Old Spitalfields Market, founded in ... Read Full Article

Don’t Miss London’s Hampton Court


London boasts many impressive palaces and castles, from Buckingham Palace to the Tower of London, but one of the most interesting and accessible may just be Hampton Court , situated on the River Thames in the southwest part of the city. Hampton Court Palace is perhaps most famous as the residence of King Henry VIII. The property actually was once under the ownership of Thomas Wolsey, the ... Read Full Article

The Sherlock Holmes Museum on Baker Street, London


It’s not often you find museums depicting the home life and work of fictional characters, but that’s the case with The Sherlock Holmes Museum on London’s Baker Street. Sherlock Holmes is the memorable character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who lived at the fictional address, 221B Baker Street, London from 1881 to 1904. Although Baker Street did exist in Conon Doyle’s time, he created ... Read Full Article