Eating the Adriatic – The Traditional Foods of Italy’s Lombardy Region

To get to Alba’s Truffle Festival I needed to take a detour, leaving the shores of the Adriatic for the first time since the groggy-eyed beginning of this travelogue in Dubrovnik. Having a few extra days’ time, I decided to visit Italy's Lake Como area and learn about the traditional foods of northern Lombardy. Lombardy’s cuisine is famous for saffron, Gorgonzola, bresaola, and butter (olive oil ... Read Full Article

Where to Eat in Milan – the Heart of the Lombardy Region

The Lombardy region is a culinary web, with porcini mushrooms from the Alps, braseola beef from Valtellina, frog legs from Mantua, Cantello asparagus from the Padana Plains valleys, and Luertis hops from Franciacorta. Milan is at the center of the web; its cuisine has been described in extremes, from avant-garde to rustic. Some have mistakenly assumed that it owes its advancement to nearby France, ... Read Full Article