Biking Loch Ness: a Monster Ride

The Saltire flying over Loch Ness

As I leaned over the handlebars of my rented bicycle and stared at the road ahead of me, stretching for miles into the Scottish Highlands; two thoughts ran through my head. The first one was that I could not recall ever having been in such beautiful country. I was somewhere off the east coast of Loch Ness surrounded by lush Highland mountains. Ancient stone walls, farmers cottages and fields ... Read Full Article

Hunting for Nessie in Loch Ness

As you arrive at the ruins of Urquhart Castle in the rural highlands of Scotland, the picturesque scene of deep dark blue waters and lush green mountains could be set anywhere in this scenic part of the country. The world’s most famous lake – Loch Ness – doesn’t look all that different from other lakes in the region. However, it holds a number of secrets that have baffled the public and scientists ... Read Full Article